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New 3 Year Warranty on all Marine Products

New 3 Year Warranty on all Marine Products

We’re pleased to announce that as of 2nd April 2014 our sales terms and conditions have changed to reflect our new 3 year warranty as standard.

At Guidance Marine, we take pride in leading the market and our new 3 year warranty offers the best peace of mind available as standard today. It reflects the confidence we have in our products and the benefit of years of continuous engineering improvement and proven experience with all Dynamic Positioning suppliers in the harshest environments.

We have listened to our customers and understand the implication costs to your business of failures in the field. We also understand the need to have replacement parts and stock in your areas of operation and will be backing our warranty up with Guidance Marine offices opening in Singapore and New Orleans later this year.

This initiative reflects our intention to continue to position ourselves as the local reference sensor supplier of choice and work hard as your partner in Dynamic Positioning.

Our 3 year warranty applies from date of shipment to any Marine product shipped on or after the 2nd April 2014 including:

  • DP sensors – CyScan, RadaScan and Mini RadaScan
  • Responders
  • Type 2 Marine Processor
  • Hatteland Touch Screen
  • Hatteland Panel PC
  • Monitor

For further information on the new 3 year warranty, please contact us directly. Details of the changes in the terms and conditions can be found here: 94-0272-B Standard Terms of Sale