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PRO Marine represents world renowned manufacturers of quality equipment’s from across the globe and prides itself on building long and productive relationships with its clients due to our focused and customer oriented approach. Major Products represented on behalf of our OEM’s are appended below:


Marine Technologies, Singapore

Company Profile: One of the leading developer and supplier of Dynamic Positioning  (DP) Systems, Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS), TVRO & etc..

Product Range: Dynamic Positioning Systems DP1, DP2 & DP3, Integrated Bridge System (IBS), SAT COM & Navigator Chairs.

Guidance Marine, UK

Company Profile: Guidance Marine Limited manufactures and develops local position reference sensors and reflectors for marine Dynamic Positioning and other vessel control systems.

Product Range: Laser & Microwave Reference Sensors for Dynamic Positioning Vessels.

Light Structures AS, Norway

Company Profile: Light Structures AS develops and produces fiber optic structure monitoring systems for  instance for hull stress monitoring,  structure monitoring, general measurement, bridge monitoring, verification, and new material design applications.

Product Range: Hull Stress Monitoring System, Sloshing Monitoring System, Ice Load  Monitoring System & etc.

Hoglund Marine Automation AS, Norway

Company Profile: Hoglund Marine Automation have now for over a decade delivered  Automation and Power Management Systems mainly based on ABB technology.

Product Range: Integrated Vessel Automation System & Power Management Systems

Tritek Power & Automation, U.A.E.

Company Profile: One of the foremost manufacturers of Power and Automation solutions for the Maritime & offshore sectors.

Product Range: Main Switch Boards, Emergency Switchboards, Group Starters, Distribution Panels & Consoles.

Aalesund Data AS, Norway

Company Profile: Aalesund provides complete IT solutions and system integration for optimization (cost- effective utilization of existing satellite communication) of broadband capacity to vessels of all sizes.

Product Range: Economical Maritime ICT (Information and Communications Technology) alternative to expensive VSAT & WAN acceleration technologies.

Oceanic Marine Pte. Ltd., Singapore

Company Profile : OCEANIC MARINE are designing and manufacturing all types of Deck Machinery & Steering System which can be operated by hand or power assisted for the maritime industry.

Product Range : Steering Gears & Deck Machinery

TEHO Water & Envirotec Pte Ltd., Singapore

Company Profile: TEHO specialize in customising and building premium quality Reverse Osmosis Water Makers for the Marine and Offshore O&G sectors.

Product Range: Reverse Osmosis FWG, STP, Hydrophore, Calorifier, OWS, 15PPM Bilge Alarm & etc

SM Electrics GmbH, Germany

Company Profile: Focus on the development, design, manufacturing and distribution of electrical / acoustic alarm systems for marine, offshore and industrial plants.

Product Range: Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS), the Bridge Alert Management (BAM) and the Light Signal Alarm System (LSAS).

INELTEH d.o.o, Croatia

Company Profile: Design and Manufacture Level Detection & Measurement systems for all type of vessels.

Product Range: Signalling, Navigation, Automation, Level Detection and Measurement Systems.