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Mobile Navigation




The initial objective of MT was to develop a DP system that complied with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines for a DP 2 class system. Only sixteen months after the foundation of the company in 2002, the first vessel with a DP system from MT received its DP-2 notation from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The vessel, M/V AMBER, is a 280′ …

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Mini- Radascan

Premium long range, high precision radar sensor

RadaScan is an advanced position reference sensor for long range use in marine Dynamic Positioning (DP) applications. The RadaScan sensor is a rotating scanner mounted on the DP equipped vessel. It emits a microwave beam and accurately measures the range and bearing of one or more intelligent microwave targets called responders, allowing for the calculation of vessel position and heading.

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Hull Stress Monitoring System.

Safe and cost-effective operation of a vessel requires exact knowledge of the ship’s design and awareness of the operational risks and their consequences. One of the challenges involved has been the lack of information to the bridge about the actual load on the hull. Historically this has been resolved relying on navigators’ judgment and experience, but with Light Structures’ technology it is possible to get live data via the SENSFIB Hull™ Hull Stress Monitoring solution.

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HMA Conscept 800

Ship Machinery Alarm Monitoring & Control System.

HMA Conscept 800 is the ships integrated Alarm monitoring & Control System is a highly reliable and versatile Automation solution providing the ships engine room staff a simple, user friendly interface to virtually all the ships main and auxiliary systems through ergonomically designed mimics.
Each of the integrated control functions is a well-defined task with the highest level of reliability.

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C-Comm VSAT offers a new world of communications options to the maritime marketplace, including IP (Internet Protocol) phones, vessel tracking, weather service, ENC (Electronic Navigational Charts), content management, GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and much more – all available with global Ku and/or C band coverage. Click here for more information.

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iTrust Bandwidth Optimizer.

Bandwidth Optimizer for Marine Internet.

IBO® provides a cost-effective utilization of existing satellite communication. The IBO®-solution expands onboard communication capabilities and adds valuable capabilities and features. IBO® automatically selects the fastest available carrier onboard. IBO® is delivered as a turnkey web caching appliance. IBO® has features like web caching, carrier failover, QoS, content filtering, firewall, gateway antivirus, routing, and more.

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