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Bridge Mate Dynamic Positioning
The initial objective of MT was to develop a DP system that complied with theInternational Maritime Organization (IMO) guidelines for a DP 2 class system. Only sixteen months after the foundation of the company in 2002, the first vessel with a DP system from MT received its DP-2 notation from theAmerican Bureau of Shipping (ABS). The vessel, M/V AMBER, is a 280′OSV owned by the Edison Chouest Offshore companies on charter to BHP Billiton. Since that time, MT has delivered more than a hundred DP systems worldwide, the majority being DP class 2. Click here
Bridge Mate Integrated Bridge System
The Bridge Mate Integrated Bridge System (IBS) concept is based on segregated architecture comprising a dual redundant network, flexible console and monitor solutions, and extremely durable marine-approved computers without fans or hard disks. The Bridge Mate IBS is designed to optimize the human-machine interface, taking into account that different information is required depending on the type of operation at hand. All applications, such as ARPA radar, ECDIS, conning, ICAS, cameras, sensor control and monitoring, etc., are readily available on any Multi-Function Workstation (MFW), giving the operator unique redundancy and flexibility. As an option, Marine Technologies (MT) offers secure satellite communication solutions for remote diagnostic and monitoring of IBS functions, enhancing operations and enabling more cost efficient system maintenance. MT has targeted the offshore market, but the Bridge Mate IBS is adaptable to the requirements of all sea-going ship types. It is designed to meet all International Maritime Organization (IMO) and classification societies’ requirements, all the way up to one-man bridge operation.
Electronic Charts Display and Information System
Marine Technologies’ Bridge Mate Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) is an integrated information system that displays a vast array of navigation information utilizing electronic charts. Designed with the vessel operator in mind, the Bridge Mate ECDIS is a vital resource for efficient route planning and monitoring.

Incorporating user-friendly route planning functions, the Bridge Mate ECDIS provides precise vessel position data, optimizing navigation, safety and fuel consumption.

Designed for the rugged offshore environment, the compact Bridge Mate ECDIS system promotes intuitive operation with state-of-the-art touchscreen marine monitors. The ECDIS is easy to install and service with a modular design that can be delivered as a stand-alone version or as part of the MT Bridge Mate Integrated Bridge System.

The Bridge Mate ECDIS complies with IMO (International Maritime Organization) regulations and is Wheel Mark approved, making it suitable for both new build and retrofit installations.

The Bridge Mate ECDIS uses official vector charts and accepts CM-93 vector charts from C-Map, as well as ARCS from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office.

Bridge Mate RadaScan
A Position Reference Sensor to Enhance DP Operations
Bridge Mate RadaScan is an advanced position reference sensor based on radar for use in dynamic positioning and other vessel control applications. It is a local sensor system with high precision range from 10 m to 1000 m (depending on environmental conditions). It complements GPS/DGPS for close range work and overcomes the operational limitations of traditional laser and taut-wire systems. RadaScan is available with all Marine Technologies DP systems. Advanced position referencing is also available in a smaller, portable version – the Bridge Mate Mini RadaScan.

The RadaScan position reference sensor comprises a sensor that is mounted on the operating vessel, a control/display PC which can be installed with the DP control system, and one or more retro-reflective transponders which are placed on the target installation. The sensor accurately measures the range and bearing to the transponder(s) to allow calculation of vessel position and continuously relays this to the DP system via an industry standard telegram.

Click here to view the RadaScan specifications.

Bridge Mate RadaScan
Bridge Mate CyScan is a high performance local position reference sensor specifically engineered for marine vessel control applications. It can serve as a primary or back-up sensor and is compatible with virtually any type of vessel. The CyScan is available with all Marine Technologies DP systems.

Click here to view the CyScan specifications.